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Boat Safety Course Outline/Chapters

boat safety course examples

America's Boating Course boat safety course materials include both a 287-page full color manual and interactive "courseware". The manual is your textbook, and the "courseware" is your virtual instructor. Both cover the same topics but each in its own way. The manual includes extensive diagrams, graphics and boating tips. The courseware is narrated and interactive, making use of animation, video, and sound. Both manual and courseware provide review questions so that you can verify that you truly understand the material, to set you up for success in getting your boater license. In addition to the lessons, the courseware includes resources which will come in handy long after you have completed the course: printable forms (checklists, accident reports, float plans, etc.) and links to reference documents such as the Navigation Rules.

The boat safety course manual consists of five chapters packed with boating tips along with the nautical rules of the road. The first four chapters contain core boating information while the last chapter is optional and contains an introduction to GPS waypoint navigation and piloting via dead reckoning skills.

Chapter 1

bullet Getting Started - nautical terms.
bullet Required Safety Equipment-life jackets, fire ext.
bullet Going Boating - fueling, casting off, underway.

Chapter 2

bullet Navigation Rules.
bullet Navigation Aids.
bullet Lights and Sound signals.
bullet Government Regulations.
bullet State and Local Regulations.

Chapter 3

bullet Finding Your Way - nautical charts, electronic navigation.
bullet Anchoring.
bullet Adverse Conditions and Emergencies.
bullet Communications Afloat.

Chapter 4

bullet Water Sports Safety - water skiing, hunting/fishing, paddling.
bullet Trailering.
bullet PWC Operation.
bullet Knots and Lines.

Chapter 5 (additional)

Featuring hands-on exercises using standard plotting tools. This chapter is presented in a classroom setting under the expert guidance of an experienced instructor. Classroom plotting exercises build skill and confidence for larger lakes and rivers and coastal waters.

bullet Introduction to Navigation - how GPS works, nautical charts, digital charts.
bullet Charts - what they convey and how to interpret the many symbols.
bullet Digital Charting - an introduction to waypoint and route planning using the latest in computer software.

Purchase includes a PIN (Personal Identification Number) that provides you with Internet access to the on-line boat safety courseware. Learn the basics of boating at your own pace, at home or away, using either a PC or a Macintosh.

America's Boating Course is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and has been approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). In addition to the course material, a fellow boater in your area from USPS® will contact you with an offer of assistance regarding state regulations, taking a final exam for your boater license, and answering any other questions you may have. The United States Power Squadrons® is at your disposal.

America's Boating Course, a complete education package for only $34.95. Sign up now for America's Boating Course!